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Gonzalo, the youngest of the seven noble knights of Lara, singlehandedly lifts a siege, but it is his uncle who is rewarded with a bride. Lambra, the beautiful young noblewoman in question, accepts the marriage out of obligation. Her humiliation truly begins at her wedding, when her brave but hotheaded new nephew accidentally kills her adored cousin right before her eyes, scattering the dead knight’s teeth across the riverbank. Coveting his family’s wealth and power, Lambra sends Gonzalo’s father to be beheaded in enemy territory and unleashes a revenge that devastates Castile for fifteen years. 

A new hero, Mudarra, rises up from the ashes of Gonzalo’s once great family. Raised to be a great warrior in the opulent civilization of Muslim C√≥rdoba, Mudarra would rather catch falling almond blossoms as if they were snowflakes than face his own turbulent history. He makes a grueling journey, changes his religion and chooses to take his jeweled sword to the throats of his betrayers. But it’s only when he strays from the path set for him that he finds his true purpose in life. 

The novel is based on a possible historical incident. Whether or not it really happened, the tale is full of emotional truth that has captured imaginations ever since. My version gives today’s readers a story with the appeal of exotic locations and universal concepts like family, honor, and greed without sacrificing historical plausibility. I’m doing research now for a possible sequel and a third book set in the same fascinating era. 

Watch my minute-long pitch for The Seven Noble Knights of Lara (former title) at the Naperville Pitchapalooza with The Book Doctors, 2013. It goes by fast! 

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